Founded in 1987 Bordan Shoe Company has quickly grown to become the country’s premier reseller of branded athletic footwear. Bordan’s growth is primarily due to the emphasis it places on protecting the integrity of the brands it sells and the industry’s acknowledgment of those efforts by permitting Bordan unprecedented access to today’s top brands. Now high-profile companies such as Puma, Lotto, asics, and Skechers trust us to sell a large portion of their excess or discontinued inventory. While a significant amount of the products Bordan has in its inventory are purchased directly from the manufacturers we also help retailers solve their inventory problems by purchasing excess products they own.

Bordan Shoe Company currently offers thousands of name brand products, all in stock and ready for at-once delivery to your store. And thanks to the close relationships we’ve developed with the world’s best-known brands, we’re able to purchase products they just don’t offer to anyone else. This means that our customers enjoy a large selection of styles from which to choose - one of the hallmarks of Bordan Shoe. But there’s more to Bordan than just the products we offer.

Understanding a retailer’s business and demonstrating the willingness and flexibility to respond to their order requirements is a priority at Bordan Shoe. Unlike other resellers Bordan owns and operates a 400,000 square foot full-service warehouse, so we’re able to provide a level of customer service few of our competitors can match. Whether it’s a simple fill-in order, creating a musical size run, accepting a pack and hold order or fulfilling your store’s special labeling requirements, Bordan has the staff and ability to meet your needs. Furthermore our customers enjoy the benefit of buying products in quantities suited to the size of their business, not ours.

Bordan’s level of commitment to the footwear manufacturers we buy from, as well as to the customers to whom we sell is unequalled in the athletic footwear industry. furthers that commitment by delivering a convenient and easy to use interface directly to your desktop. Through the use of our online catalog can save you time and money in your search for the right styles to add to your store’s product mix. We hope you find our site useful and visit us often.

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